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Predictable Performance Systems promises to increase the quality of people decisions resulting in greater employee performance, reduced turnover and longer employee retention.

For over 25 years, Predictable Performance Systems has helped ensure that the right people are hired or promoted into the right jobs, every time. In partnership with Profiles International, iApplicants, and ApplicantPRO, we provide robust tools that create better employment decisions, stronger employee performance, and longer employee retention.

It starts with a robust applicant tracking system. We ensure that our clients recruit, screen, and select the best candidates for the job. The platforms we work with provide for an organized and intentional recruitment process, from easily advertising your position across the web to preemployment skills assessments to simplified onboarding processes.

Once a search is organized, we help our clients manage their talent with a suite of employee assessments. These range from prehire and skills assessments to performance assessments that analyze an individual’s or a team’s potential. By making decisions with greater insights, our clients increase overall workforce capability, productivity, and agility.

As a business grows, changes, or prepares for the future, we can help in the long run, too. These solutions include management development, sales and leadership performance analysis, succession planning, and team building.

Hiring managers often tell us they “hire with their gut.” Unfortunately, this approach doesn’t often lead to success, and uninformed staffing decisions could be costing your company more than you realize. Businesses encounter costs and risks with every new hire including the thousands of dollars necessary to select, onboard, and train each employee. By ensuring that a person’s skills, behaviors, passions, and personality match the needs of your job opening, we help eliminate these risks.

From recruitment to retention to retirement, Predictable Performance Systems can help you save time, stress, and money by making smart choices, every time.

Roger HokansonRoger Hokanson

Predictable Performance Systems

When he’s not saving his clients’ budgets from the pitfalls of poor hiring decisions, Roger participates in numerous civic and industry associations, most recently serving as VP of Programs for Sales and Marketing Executives International and as a board member for Human Resource Professionals of MN.

A resident of Minneapolis since first grade, Roger studied architecture at the University of MN, where he developed an affinity for systems design and process analysis. As a retail manager in the mid 70s, Roger learned the value of employee assessments thanks to a chance to evaluate his team members. As a result, Roger was able to increase his store’s sales while more broadly understanding what made his employees tick. Since then, Roger has worked to help other businesses find similar insights. In 1995, Roger formally aligned himself with Profiles International and is now one of the most experienced Profiles Business Partners in the Midwest.

Roger and his wife have ushered two children into adulthood but are still responsible for two cats, each of which originally belonged to the aforementioned adult children. In his spare time, Roger enjoys woodworking and DIY projects, especially rehabbing old houses.

Roger’s expertise includes:

  • Applicant Tracking Systems
  • Managerial and Team Assessments
  • Strategic Sales Management and Sales Effectiveness
  • Benchmarking Workplace Performance

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